Apple & Facebook to Pay female employees to Freeze their Eggs

Apple, Facebook to Pay female employees to Freeze their Eggs

The giant tech companies like apple and facebook have come up with a new policy to benefit their female employees. It is now made possible for the female employees of those two giants to delay having children and look after their career as of now. To achieve this, both the firms are paying their female workers to freeze their eggs. Most of the tech companies are providing wild perks to their employees like extended vacation, sophisticated work environment and foods from five star chefs. Even google offers on-site laundry as well as massage services to keep their employees working. This procedure of freezing eggs costs up to ten thousand dollars along with additional $500 each year to store eggs. Facebook has already started giving coverage of $20,000 for egg freezing procedure as a benefit to all their female employees. Apple will start this policy from the beginning of January.

Not only do they offer egg freezing as a perk, but they also plan to continue extended favours for women, like the newly adopted extended maternity leave policy and cryopreservation as a part of extensive support in the infertility treatment. They also provide adoption assistance program, by which apple compensates for the eligible expenses of the legal adoption of child. All these favours are implemented to influence women at Apple and to empower them to do the best work. Technology advocates have appreciated Apple’s and Facebook’s support and the complete effort is directed to benefit women employees in the dominant white male workforces of the companies which is indeed commendable.

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Freezing eggs deal with confiscating a woman’s eggs and storing them under subzero temperatures to protect them for future use and stop the eggs from developing and changing. Freezing eggs offer women a choice to focus on their career. Apple and Facebook have not come out saying it is an attempt to contract the divide between chances for male and female workers. However, there is a great gender gap witnessed in the tech. It is easy to look at the connection between the benefit and the two technology giants who deliver it.  Paving a way for women to make delay in having children besides progressing in their monetary position surely is a great option and a good thing. With this policy, the two tech giants encourage delaying child birth as well as reinforce their workplace culture. Apple and facebook both have already offered some sort of childcare support. Their money is being spent on more flexible life/work options for their employees at every stage of life.