Amazing Transformation Bollywood Celebrities After Pregnancy


The voyage to parenthood is to a great degree delightful, however it additionally includes a ‘heap of changes’ which on occasion turn out to be too difficult for a few ladies to deal with and acknowledge. They manage diverse issues and tensions; the most troublesome of which is losing that pregnancy fat.

What’s more, for the individuals who are VIPs and are consistently in the spotlight; it gets all the more annoying. We should observe some Indian divas who have buckled down with their overweight skin and in the end skiped back to their thin and unique looks.

#1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Amazing Transformation Bollywood Celebrities After PregnancyThe alpha mother is leaving her baby blues haze quicker, more slender and more grounded. In the wake of conveying an infant kid, Taimur, her weight is vanishing immediately. Most likely, she is endeavoring every one of the endeavors to dump her infant fats super-quick. In this way, all you fans out there simply hold your breath for her staggering rebound.

#2. Genelia D’souza


Amazing Transformation Bollywood Celebrities After PregnancyComes parenthood and that girly beguile leaves. Be that as it may, for Genelia’s situation, the tubby stage was very brief as should be obvious the darling uncovering her girlie and adorable look once more. We value that she picked to take as much time as is needed rather than simply optimizing it.

#3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Amazing Transformation Bollywood Celebrities After PregnancyIn the wake of having little girl Aaradhya, Aishwarya excessively thought that it was troublesome, making it impossible to fit into her pre-child garments. More than that, it was the weight of thinning down that was testing. Indeed, the bird looked at excellence confronted a great deal of fire from the media. However, she was very open about her parenthood and kept herself quiet. Taking it gradual, she at last looked to better days for herself.

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#4. Shveta Salve

Amazing Transformation Bollywood Celebrities After PregnancyThe angel from the TV arrive has broken numerous generalizations and has developed wonderful and sound not long after her child was conceived. She remained predictable and ensured that she was eating and living right. Be it strong maternity photograph shoot, her breastfeeding picture or a major change; she is simply nailing the flawlessness at each level.

#5. Mira Rajput

Amazing Transformation Bollywood Celebrities After PregnancyAll you new mothers out there, you have to look at the first-run through mumma Mira for your post-pregnancy makeover. In spite of the fact that she is super-overwhelmed by her infant like some other mother, with her way of life and the correct direction, she is quick disposing of that undesirable fat. With a correct mentality towards her body and obligation, she is keeping up a positive self-perception.

#6. Aamna Sharif

Amazing Transformation Bollywood Celebrities After PregnancyAnother little screen young lady who is taking the show post her pregnancy is Aamna Sharif. The dedicated darling has before won our hearts with her part in ‘Kashish’ and now she is giving the new moms some genuine wellness objectives. She has likewise shot for a sizzling photoshoot post her pregnancy and man she is looking as dazzling as ever.

#7. Juhi Parmar

Amazing Transformation Bollywood Celebrities After PregnancyKumkum popularity on-screen character is wearing a similar old appeal and resembling a million bucks. Be that as it may, her baby blues change was never simple. A standout amongst the most adored bahus of the television world had changed definitely after her pregnancy. She was managing an issue named hypothyroidism which made everything the more troublesome for her to cut that fat. However, with her quality and mettle, she returned to her thin self.

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