Alcoholism: Symptoms and Causes

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Occasional consumption of alcoholic drinks or consumption of alcohol in social gatherings is a very common thing these days. But, it would create a lot of problems when this occasional habit becomes a regular one with quantity of alcohol consumption increasing steeply.
Alcoholism or Alcohol dependence or Alcohol addiction are nothing but the condition where the amount of alcohol consumption would go beyond the limit of light to moderate level and more importantly, there would be a gradual increase in alcohol consumption with time. Alcoholism not only harms the individual in question but family members and relatives and every one in close vicinity to that individual would suffer.
Alcoholism is considered as a mental illness rather than a bad habit. The person suffering from alcoholism would rarely acknowledge the ill effects of this problem. This strong sense of non acceptance makes alcoholism one of the most stubborn mental problem to deal with.

Most common signs and symptoms of a person suffering from alcoholism can be summarized as:
• Inability to limit the amount of alcohol once started to drink
• Very strong urge for drinking on daily basis
• Tendency to hide drinking habit or drinking alone
• Developing physical symptoms like shaking, sweating, nausea when not able to drink
• Facing problems in personal and professional life owing to drinking habit
• Strong sense of denial and discomfort when someone would like to talk about alcoholism problem
• Gradually losing interest in job, business, personal relations and hobbies
• Developing tolerance to alcohol so that more amount of alcohol would be needed to bring the same effect
• Inability to quit this habit even if the person wants to quit this habit
• Development of serious health issues like fatigue, loss of appetite, head ache if trying to quit this habit

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Causes of Alcoholism:
Various psychological, social and environmental factors can influence a person to become alcohol addict.
Apart from that, an individual’s personality and attitude do play a decisive role. For example, two persons brought up in almost similar conditions would not necessarily be alcohol addict to the same extent. In some cases, it has been observed that one person can be a serious alcohol addict while the other doesn’t take alcohol at all.
In most of the cases, this journey of alcoholism starts at an early, from teenage to early twenties. At that point of time, any young boy or girl would be very vulnerable towards addictions like alcohol and they would start taking alcohol as an adventure or to be fitted in their peer group.
• A person can inherit the condition of alcoholism from parents, siblings or closed relatives
• A young person experiencing peer pressure or searching for thrill and adventure. For example, a person who taste alcohol for the very first time may find its taste quite attractive and they would keep consuming regularly to feel the same effect again and again and eventually would become an alcohol addict.
• Experiencing high level of mental stress and trauma can start relying on alcohol to cope up with those emotions.