Alcohol detox program #GetBackToLife

Alcohol detox program

Alcohol detox program is a step towards recovery of a person from alcoholism. Generally, alcohol detox program would be a medically supervised program. The duration of the program would depend on several factors like support from family, severity of the problem and will power of the individual.

Need of medical supervision during detoxification

It is very important that medical help should be taken for alcohol detox program because:
• Alcohol is highly addictive in nature and once a person would stop taking alcohol. Then there would be some serious withdrawal effects. Shaking, sweating, nausea, head ache, vomiting, anxiety, mood swings to name a few.
Hence, trying alcohol detox by self can be very dangerous. Medical supervision is very essential.
• A person suffering from alcoholism would rarely accept this problem and would always deny alcohol addiction. This strong sense of denial would ultimately make the problem more complicated and without medical super vision, chances of a successful alcohol detox program would be very less.

Withdrawal symptoms

As mentioned earlier, a person would experience serious withdrawal symptoms during this detox program. Few of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can be summarized as below:

• Shaking and sweating throughout the day. Particularly at night because alcohol is consumed mostly at night time.
• Vomiting and nausea along with stomach discomfort.
• Highly anxious and irritating behavior with rapid mood swings.
• Sometimes, digestion related issues like constipation or diarrhea occurs.
How a good alcohol detox program works
Step wise description of an alcohol detox program is below:
• Patient would need to visit the doctor along with a family member. That person would be responsible to give medicine to the patient regularly as per prescription.
• Doctor would prescribe medicine to prevent the withdrawal the symptoms to be experienced once the patient would stop taking alcohol. Sometimes, dietary supplements are also prescribed to make up for the loss of nutrients due to prolonged intake of alcohol.
• Alcohol detox program can be easily carried out at home with the support of family members of the patient. If the problem is very severe or there is no support from the family, then it would need to admit the patient in a hospital for detox program.
• Once this detox program would start, the patient would not consume alcohol at all. Family members and close friends would need to supervise the patient to make sure that the patient doesn’t consume alcohol at any cost.
• Initially, the dosage of medicine would be high and gradually dosage would be reduced. With time, the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms would be vanished or reduced greatly.
• After some time, medicine would be discontinued and doctor would ask the family members to keep a close check if the patient tries to start drinking again.
• Continuous counseling by the doctor and support of family members is very essential to keep the patient motivated and disciplined to stay away from alcohol
• There is a high change of relapse as alcohol is very addictive in nature. Even after this detox program, a patient might have some craving for alcohol. Hence, a strong will power and continuous support plays a vital role in making this alcohol detox program a success.

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