Alcohol abuse – Symptoms and Causes

Alcohol abuse - Symptoms and Causes

Anything in excess is bad, especially a highly addictive thing like alcohol. Occasional drinking in social gatherings, marriage functions, and parties is a new normal in today’s society. But, consuming alcohol to that extent that it would start affecting your personal and professional life in a negative way is alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse is one of the most prevalent mental illness that affects people of all ages, gender, life style and region across the world. There is a very thin line between acceptable use of alcohol and alcohol abuse and most of the people would find it difficult to identify that border. For example, a person drinking on weekends with friends is not alcohol abuse. But, if some times, that person would drive a vehicle back to house in drunken condition. It would be a very serious alcohol abuse and might prove very fatal. Alcohol abuse is self destructive and can be very dangerous for other people as well.

Most common signs and symptoms of a person suffering from alcohol abuse can be summarized as:
• Ignoring responsibilities and failing to fulfill vital duties and commitments at home, office and in society because of drinking habit.
• Driving vehicles after alcohol consumption. It is a life threatening bad habit for the person in question as well as for others.
• Facing legal actions on the account of charges like drunk driving, harsh driving, and breaking traffic rules. It would degrade social status of that person and persons close by.
• Repeated arguments and fights with family members and close friends as they would not like this habit. These incidents on regular basis can cause some serious damage to close relationships.
• Taking drinking as a way to relax or de-stress.For example, consuming alcohol before or after having a serious argument with your wife or boss.
• Drinking even after getting a straight forward warning from the doctor to stay away from alcohol or to get ready to face serious consequences.
• Drinking before visiting business place, office, religious places and formal social gatherings.
• Getting heavily drunk and misbehaving with general public. It would be very embarrassing for the family of that person.

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Causes of Alcohol abuse:
The Cause of alcohol abuse is quite specific in nature and varies considerably from person to person. Young college going students would abuse alcohol for different reasons that people older to them. Alcohol abuse depends heavily on financial and biological origins. Not to forget, a person’s own personality and attitude would undoubtedly affect the chances of alcohol abuse to a large extent.
These claims would be supported by below points:
• If a person belongs to lower or lower middle class family, chances of alcohol abuse would be less due to inability to purchase alcohol in plenty.
• If a youngster lives in a region where alcohol is not easily available and there are strict age related rules for selling of alcohol, then there would be less chances of alcohol abuse
• If law and order condition in a region is not good, people (especially youngsters) would be prone alcohol abuse than regions with strict law and order condition.
• In a family or society where alcohol abusing is not common, a person would quickly get used to it as well.
• To be more popular among peers, a person can inclined towards alcohol abuse as a lot of youngsters find alcohol an easy way of getting attention and gain popularity
• A person would be using alcohol as an anti depressant. In this case, alcohol abuse is not a disease, rather a treatment for depression and tension.