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It can be a daunting task for the health seeker to look for an affordable Health Insurance plans in America. However, it is not an impossible one to achieve.  There are certain things to take into consideration while buying the health plans that you are looking for – a health plan which is within your budget and provides the utility factor that you are looking for.

  • Consider “cost sharing” expenses: Majority of consumers are focused on premiums, but the cost sharing expenses can vary from plan to plan.  For individuals, an affordable cost sharing plan can range around $6, 350 while it can be around $12,700 for family in 2014.  An ideal health seeking candidate must take out time to calculate the costs for the concerned cost-sharing expense.
  • Look beyond the premiums: While it may appear to be tempting to select the policy with lowest premiums, but eventually it can also mean that you may have to pay for health-care in the long run.  Premium refer to the annual cost of the insurance plan, regardless of the fact that you use the health care services or not. Plans which involve low premiums actually include high out-of pocket expenses to cover copayments,deductibles, coinsurance. So you can be burdened with lots of unwanted expenses which you aren’t expecting.
  • Go for the coverage that suits you: It is essential to check that the plan covers the medical care that you want, especially if you are applying for chronic illness like diabetes, asthma,arthritis which require ongoing care. Insurance plan must try to cover atleast one of the prescribed drugs to be used in every category of medication.
  • Examine the provider network: Check out if the proposed insurance plan covers the network of hospitals,doctors or primary care of physicians and specialists that you intend to meet during the medical visits, otherwise you will have to follow the network of prescribed plan.  Naturally so, the non-network providers will charge exceeding amount of money and you will end up spending a lot on the ‘affordable insurance plan’. Hence, it is advised to carefully examine the network provider before finalizing it.
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These are some of the factors that must be taken into consideration while selecting the proposed insurance plan.  In the United States, there are ample of insurance plans that one can look for. It is recommended that you select the insurance plan of a good company rather than select an ordinary plan which seeks to offer ‘affordable insurance plan’. Some of the reputed health insurance providers include Wellpoint.Inc, UnitedHealthGroup Inc,AVIVA, Humana and others. These are private companies with millions of people connected to their health insurance plans. Users can trust on their services and ask for people’s advice before enrolling for any health service program. Health Insurance must be done at the cost of providing quality first and then the budgeting factor should be kept in mind. Ultimately, the more information you have in relation of health insurance, the better it is for you to save your money on it.