6 Tips For Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

Lose weight faster

In today’s super fast lifestyle we often don’t get time for ourselves. We stick to a fad diet and fitness routine, which ultimately makes us obese or overweight. We also don’t keep a tab on activities that help us in losing weight. Some times we think about joining dance classes or taking our dinner at 6:00 PM, but most of the time we just don’t stick to any of these schedules. However, it’s not our fault actually. It’s the fault of today’s busy routines that keep us busy throughout the day. So today I am going to give you 6 easy tips for losing extra weight, which can be integrated easily into lifestyles of most people (including you).

Here you go:
1. Decide how much you want to loose:If you were expecting some fancy weight loosing tip on the top of my list, you’re gonna be supremely disappointed. First of all I want you to calculate your current required weight against your height using some methods like BMI and set a target. Don’t be ignorant from the simplicity of this tip – this one is crucial and most people make the mistake of not doing this. This step will help you a lot in maintaining your fitness graph later.If said even more clearly, you can’t lose weight effectively without deciding how much you want to lose. So do it. I don’t want to make this article longer by talking about BMI in detail. You can find out more about it by doing some research online.
2. Time Management: Often we don’t think about it. This is especially because we do not find it related to our health. But it matters a lot. Decide how much time you can give to exercises and in which part of day. Also make the list of activities that you may have to compromise due to your workout schedule and consider in advance whether you can avoid them or not. Once decided, include that time in your daily routine and make it a part of your to-do list.
3. Stock up your kitchen:Keep you kitchen stocked with fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, cereals etc. Follow some healthy cooking tips and understand how you can loose weight by making small changes to your diet. I can not list any of those tips here, because this article is obviously not a cooking recipe!
4. Eat healthy home-cooked meal:This is insanely important. Whether you are cooking yourselves or a family member is doing the job, always eat home-cooked meal. This is a mandatory guideline because healthy cooking tips like quantity of oil etc. are often overlooked in hotels. If you are not doing this, then everything else will go into vein and it will be a very hard task for you to loose even 1% of your weight.
5. Start a Cardio and Weights Workout: Proper and regular exercise is also an important part of healthy life. Cardio and weights workout are the best thing for this purpose, but you can find some variations. Any workout that focuses on toning the muscles and increases heart beats will surely help in losing those extra pounds.

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