5 ways to build your immunity in the winter season


13 Tips To Increase Your Immunity During Winters | Health Blog

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Winters are at the edge, and we are ready to enjoy the lazy days, but everyone knows winters are the prime time of the year for cold and flu. Hence, it becomes of utmost importance to take extra care of our body, especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We must focus on increasing the immunity and making our immune system strong enough to fight the COVID-19 virus even in winters.

Here are five ways which you can use to boost your immunity and stay protected from coronavirus in coming winters:-

Be physically active

Winters are the laziest days of the whole year. We all love to spend our days staying cozy in our beds. Although it makes us happy for the time being, it does no good for our health. For being stronger from inside, we must be physically active. Practicing yoga or doing light exercise will increase your endurance power, or even a 30 minutes walk will do the job. Fitness is they to building immunity.

Eat healthy

‘Healthy within is healthy outside.’ Understand the importance of healthy eating in the winter season body’s metabolism rate tends to decrease,  resulting in various stomach-related issues. Consequently, it becomes essential to serve your body with proper food that will help your body to fight the diseases. Include green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, which are rich in iron, fibers, and other nutrients. Avoid consuming very oily and processed food.

Stay hydrated

We usually reduce our water consumption during winters, which eventually leads to dehydration. Although staying hydrated does not necessarily immune you against germs and viruses, it helps in keeping your body physically active and lifts your mood and focus. Also, it helps to flush out all the intoxicants from your body. Staying hydrated does not include consuming fizzy and carbonated drinks. If drinking normal water sounds boring to you, then you can prepare detox drinks by adding lemon, mint, or ginger to your water.

Take proper sleep

This pandemic has majorly affected the sleeping cycle of the people. We need to understand that getting proper sleep helps our body to fight diseases. A study has found that people sleeping less than 6 hours a day are more vulnerable to germs and viruses. Taking adequate sleep may strengthen your immune system by making your body charged and active for the next day and also makes your brain active and reduces stress.

Hygiene is the key

Maintaining hygiene is the crucial step for building a protective immune system with all it is of extreme importance during these Covid-19 days. Hygiene can have a direct impact on our health; the cleaner we are, the healthier we are. Maintaining hygiene around us ensures the lesser possibility of getting infected. Wash your hands properly, use sanitizers when going out, take a shower after coming home. These are some simple steps you can use to maintain proper hygiene.

Our immune system works to protect our body from diseases or infection; it is our responsibility to understand and support our immune system to promote its proper working.

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