5 Tips for children to stay safe from COVID-19 in schools


“Cases of Novel COVID-19 virus are increasing day by day.” The kind of anxiety and uncertainty this sentence brings is incomparable. Especially when Schools have resumed. Getting concerned about your kid due to COVID-19 in Schools is obvious, as a parent.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any vaccine for this virus. Hence, the only thing we can do currently is following safety measures. Along with some tips, you can keep your kid safe from COVID-19 in schools, doubtless.

Proper Vaccination

Due to COVID-19, many families have missed the vaccinations for their kids.

But, they shouldn’t forget about the risk of other viruses and diseases for a child. Especially, when you are already worried about COVID-19 in Schools.

Therefore, make sure that your kid’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

No to hugs

Human beings are social animals. Therefore, we all are missing those physical contacts, such as a handshake, hug. And the eagerness gets doubled when it comes to children.

Yet, we never know where this COVID-19 virus is hiding behind this hug. Meaning that a person can have COVID-19 without showing symptoms.

Therefore, remind this thing to your kid and tell them it’s good to keep a distance these days. Because it is possible that there are patients of COVID-19 in schools without even knowing it.

Wear face mask

Don’t forget to check if your child is wearing her mask properly. Additionally, mention specially that face masks are for safety. Therefore, they should keep it wearing to stay safe from COVID-19 in schools.

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Sharing is not caring anymore

“Sharing is caring.” We as parents do remind this quote and even make them practice this since the beginning.

However, the case is no more the same nowadays. Further, it’s necessary to change the ideas with situations.

Hence, kids should avoid sharing things and food with each other, nowadays. Along with, having their lunches at their desks.

Sanitize properly

Undoubtedly, sanitizing our hands and washing them for at least 20 seconds is something extremely important, in the current scenario.

Hence, prepare your kids to sanitize properly.

Further, washing hands for 20 seconds is something that most of them forget. But, linking it with a favorite song or poem of 20-30 seconds may help, in that case.

In this pandemic, what we all can do is prevention. Stopping the spread is important.

Hence, follow these tips to help your child in staying safe from COVID-19 in schools.