5 Rich And Healthy Facts About Avocados

5 Rich And Healthy Facts About Avocados

Creamy, rich and flavorful Avocados are much more than a nutritional ingredient in guacamole. Those shiny, green and fat-rich fruits can serve as great nutritional powerhouses for your diet, especially if you want to add fat to your diet plan.

Given below are some amazing facts about this versatile must-have for your kitchen:
1. Avocados are fruits: First of all I want to break a common myth that most people keep in their mind – Avocados aren’t vegetables. Yep, regardless of their green looks and vegetable like appearance they have been categorized as fruit for several other reasons. The nut that you find inside is actually the seed of this fruit. You can use it for growing an Avocado tree in your house.
2. They have been eaten for more than 10,000 years: The history of Avocados goes back to 10,000 years. They were first found in Mexico more than 100 decades ago. Then came Europeans, who found the crop of Avocados from South America to Mexico as people were growing them in their home gardens as a food staple. It’s believed that this fruit had a significant spiritual importance in Aztec and Mayan societies too.
3. Avocados come with more Potassium than Bananas: 345 mg of Potassium is found in a half of Avocado – it’s much more than a half of Banana. To take this a step further, important B vitamins and 4.6 grams of fiber are also found in that half of Avocado.
4. Avocados can serve as great way of adding fat to your diet:Avocado Oil, a product with 71% mono-saturated fat, is a great way of adding fat to your diet. Fats like this one are known as good fats because they don’t leave any bad impact on heart and other parts of body. In fact, such fats help in controlling the blood sugar levels if replaced by carbs in diet. They also help in normalizing clotting.
5. Avocados reduce the risk of cancer: And finally, the killer one. Carotenoids are the high-antioxidant compounds with anti-cancer capabilities, which are currently being researched for finding out their ability in combating cancer. However, only certain types of cancer can be treated with these compounds (i.e. prostate, breast, gastric and oral cancer). Healthy fats found in Avocados help the body in absorbing Carotenoids properly, which reduces the risk of aforementioned cancer types.

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