5 myths that revolve around mental health


Changes in someone’s perspective irrespective of age may occur when someone is growing and understanding those are a part of our mental health. When a person starts performing tasks differently from usual daily proceedings, these are often to be caused by mental health issues.

Not just performing but feeling and believing certain things are often left unregistered or unfiled due to the fear of not getting believed or being shunned. Unusual happening are often perceived to be untrusted but mental health must be accounted for and dealt with well.

Myth1: Puberty causes ups and downs in young adults 

Though the processes and behaviors of students or young adults often get compromised due to continuous change in their mental understandings, these affect their functioning and working abilities. The pressures or any unsolved issues impact social well being. Children thus require considerable attention and support from families and schools instead of getting compromised. They are neglected and are often blamed for being at puberty which isn’t always the scenario on the table.

Myth2: People with mental health issues are violent

As arguable as the statement seems, it tendencies people to consider mental health issues as a threat, and patients are often confused as being violent, which is produced by media displaying violent crimes performed by the sufferers. This doesn’t justify the thinking that these are performed by mentally ill patients only and thus are caused by mental problems. This not only influences such understatements but also favors discrimination

Myth3: Mental illness happen by birth itself  

Mental illness arent to be assessed as the ones caused by birth as this stigma roots the unacceptance and unattendance of the people suffering from the same, thus victimizing the nondisclosure, and favoring ignorance of mental health. 

These are in effect to various factors in life including biological, psychological, and environmental factors, and thus must not be contained to have taken place by birth and thus get accused of or forbidden for. 

Myth4: Brain damage causes mental problems 

Mental illness is often considered to be a form of brain damage affecting one’s ability to react to any certain situation or bringing out behavioral changes. Though this isn’t always the case as these might not have been caused by them. Certain factors contribute to bring about any particular abnormal behavioral change in a person and are often misunderstood by brain damage.

Myth5: People suffering from mental health issues are to be treated different 

Mentally ill people are often victimized to have faced the need to be separated and unaccepted. While this must not be the case as there are different reactions to different actions performed by anyone and how the person reacts might be different from someone suffering from something similar and thus it is not necessary to be avoided for the same.  

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