5 myths of a healthy lifestyle


The internet is a vast platform of knowledge. It provides us with the abundance of information about healthy lifestyle and fitness but with so much of information, it can be confusing sometime to figure out the truths and the myths and what is good and what is not. In this post, we will see some myths of a healthy lifestyle that we have been listening but aren’t true.

You can eat anything if you are exercising regularly

But the truth is that sweating yourself in the gym every day and doing hardcore workouts will not help you in leading a healthy lifestyle, eating good and healthy is equally important and it has even more impact on your fitness than working out. Eating good should be the first step of your healthy lifestyle.

Cutting off sugar from your diet completely benefits you

Sugar is not good for health said by a lot of nutritionists. But cutting out sugar completely from your diet is also not helpful. You should be selective in case of sugar because the natural sugar found in fruits is good for you. The sugar which is present in soda’s, ketchup, fruit juice, sports drink, iced tea and more, is bad for your body

2 litres of water can make you lose weight

Most of the studies have found that drinking a certain amount of water can not help you to lose your fat.well, drinking enough water might help in flushing out all the toxins out of your body, which will result in clear and healthy skin but losing weight just by drinking water won’t help you.

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Dieting or eating less makes you fit and healthy

Every body is different has different needs for example – if a diet suits your friend it might not be suitable for your body. So, trying everything you see on the Internet or hear from your friend can be unhealthy for you. Do your research and always diet under proper supervision.

All carbs are bad for you

Carbohydrates are not responsible for your weight gain. Overconsumption of any food promotes weight gain not all carbs are bad for your body. Avoid having refund carbohydrates, such as biscuits, white bread and candies Having an overwhelming amount of information around find what is good for you and suits you the best. Do your own research before committing to any such kind of myths to have a healthy lifestyle.