5 Medical Tests you must take

Important medical tests everyone should take

As you age in life, taking care of the health becomes crucial to every individual. Any carelessness or avoidance in relation to health is only due to the ignorance and negligence of the person. Therefore, here are some basic medical tests which you may need to lead a healthy lifestyle.
• Cholesterol screening/lipoprotein test: It is important to know how much of Cholesterol is present in your blood, so that the risk of developing the heart disease is controlled or minimized. There are namely two kinds of cholesterol – HDL which is the high density lipoprotein and LDL which is low density lipoproteins. A blood test for cholesterol which is measured in milligrams per deciliter of blood is important to take. Preferred age for the test is 20 years.

• Blood pressure check: Blood level in the body keeps changing. If a person is tensed, extremely stressed out or gets angry, it is suggested to take frequent blood tests. Hypertension can trigger the risk of other diseases. Best is to keep checking your blood pressure, if you frequently suffer from short temper, low energy, anxiety or unable to feel healthy.

• Diabetes Screening: A fasting glucose tolerance test or test drawn after drinking a sugary drink, can indicate diabetes or not. It is a good idea to get tested if you are young to avoid the phobia of developing it.

• Bone density test: Nearly 10 million people every year are majorly affected due to the loss in bone strength. A specialized X-ray called a DXA screens important parts of your body such as the spine, wrists, and hips as you lie on the table.

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• Vitamin D test: Vitamin D is the most essential nutrient and helps maintain and protect against infection, cancer and other health conditions. Upon approaching the age of 40 it is recommended to go for the test.

These are some of the essential medical tests that must be taken to produce a healthy body and mind. It is the duty of every person to go and take the tests to further avoid any complications that can secretly kill you from inside. If the symptom of a serious disease is caught at an early age through these medical tests, it will save your life and the money you spent on these tests. Go for medical tests and bravely face the results rather than admit yourself to the hospital for a serious disease.