5 Hair Care Mistakes You Must Avoid


Our hairs are one of the most delicate parts of our body. Thus, we need to take a little extra care of our hair. However, many times consciously or unconsciously, we end up committing hair care mistakes that we shouldn’t do. As these hair care mistakes can damage our hair.

But, what are these common hair care mistakes? What if we are committing these hair care mistakes and How can we avoid these mistakes?  To answer all of these questions, we are here today with those hair care mistakes and even tips on how you can avoid them. So, let’s get started.

Using a Harsh Chemical Hair Product

Don’t get fooled by those marketing advertisements. You should always and always check the ingredients of the products you are going to use. For example, most of the shampoos available today in the market contain Sulphate which is very harmful to our hair and especially the scalp. Same is true for any other hair care product. So, always choose a hair product, especially shampoo that doesn’t contain sulphate or any other harmful chemical.

Squeezing or Wrapping Your Hair with a Regular Towel

Is this what you always do just after washing your hair? If yes, then stop doing it today. As this act of yours can really damage your hair and cause split ends along with weak hair roots. Here is what you should do instead of squeezing or wrapping your hair in a regular towel. Pat dry your hair with your hands or some other clean cotton cloth. Never wrap your hair in a regular towel as the more it wets the heavier it gets and your wet hair is much more fragile.

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Washing Hair Too Often Or Rarely

As the name of the mistake clears itself, we often tend to wash our hair too frequently such as daily or some of us wash them too rarely. But, both of these habits actually fall under hair care mistakes. Because, if we wash our hair too often then, the natural oil of our scalp runs away and our hair gets dry and damaged. Nonetheless, when we don’t wash our hair for a long time, then the dirt in our hair causes hair damage and it’s unhygienic too.

So, how often should you wash your hair? Washing them twice in a week meaning every third day is okay. Now, the question comes, what if we feel that they are greasy?

~ use dry shampoo or you can also try washing them with just water on alternative days.

BlowDrying Wet Hair

In today’s busy and hectic life most of us tend to blow dry our hair as soon as we have washed them. But, be careful of what you are certainly doing. Don’t forget that blow dryers actually use heat to dry our hair and heat can damage our hair to a very bad extent.

So, how to avoid it? Just air dry your hair. It just takes a little more time, maybe half an hour. But, you are saving your hair from getting damaged by avoiding this hair care mistake.


Girls love to show their hair voluminous and thus, most of them use backcombing as a trick to add a little more volume to their hair. Though, using this as a trick on some special days is okay. However, if you do backcombing most of the days or every other day then, you should avoid it. Why?

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Because what you actually do in backcombing is damaging your roots and leaving them more tangled. Hence, stop doing it today.

To conclude, these are the 5 hair care mistakes from washing to styling that you should avoid. These are all very common mistakes we end up committing with our hair but, we have provided you with the tips too so you can avoid them effortlessly.