5 Easy Floor Workouts To Lose Fat At Home


Do you want to lose fat but don’t know how to do it? Have you heard of easy floor workouts that help losing fat? Are you looking for those floor workouts that can help you lose fat easily at home? If yes, then stay tuned. Today we are here with 5 easy floor workouts to lose fat at home. Do you want to know a secret? The secret is that these exercises are actually effective but only if you combine them with your determination and consistency. Let’s see.


Planks are well-known because of their high benefits for our abs. As planks work on our core consequently it works on our entire body. Hence, planks are known as the best floor workout to lose fat at home. However, initially, you may find holding a plank a little difficult but gradually, you will learn how to hold it for longer times.


Crunches are one of the most popular floor workouts and the most effective too. If performed appropriately, it engages all the abdominal muscles and thus, works on our whole body.

Mountain Climbers

Climbing a mountain is a tough and tiring task, so, here is an easy variation for you. Just stay at a place and assume you are climbing a mountain. No, I am not kidding. That’s what you have to do in this floor workout. This exercise not only helps in losing fat but maintains good heart health too.


Sitting on the floor with knees bent. Feet flat. This is what they named “sit-ups” or simply “sit up”. Sit-ups are also a very effective floor workout to lose overall weight and fat.

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Flutter Kicks

A perfect exercise to reshaping and tone your lower body. Flutter kicks work on the lower abdominal area of our body. It is helpful not only in toning lower body but sculpting the abs and lowering calories too. Therefore, this floor workout helps in reducing excess fat easily at home.

So, this was all about 5 easy floor workouts to lose fat at home. However, you can modify this exercise according to your needs but keep in mind that you have to do these exercises along with taking care of your diet. Because these floor workouts will not benefit until and unless you will start eating healthy.

Thanks for reading. Hope you have found this article useful.

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