5 best cancer hospitals in the world

top cancer hospitals

Cancer is a life threatening disease and to tackle with such a disease, requires not only the courage and inner strength to fight the battle, but it gravely requires the support of the best hospital to treat you efficiently.

  • University of Texas, M D Anderson: One of the oldest cancer institutes in USA, this institute provides all the facilities that one is looking for. The hospitals have more than 60 years of heritage and a great tradition of care in an institute which is ranked no.1 as the top cancer institute in the three consecutive years in USA. With a strong research team, the institute provides the innovative ways in which the institute devices its treatment methods to treat the cancer patients with utmost care.
  • Institut Gustave Roussy, in Paris, France: Among the top cancer institutes in Europe, this institute is known to provide the best preventive treatment processes in the entire Europe. The hospital is known for providing the innovative ways in which various radiotherapy guided surgery is conducted and minimally invasive surgery. With a good infrastructure and close interaction between the doctors and the researchers, this cancer hospital is one of the best hospitals in the world.
  • Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center,USA: This cancer institute is touted to be one of the best hospitals to go for cancer treatment as it has top specialists in the field, great staffing and management system, especially in the field of pediatric cancer facility which is the best according to the national ranking facility.
  • Mayo Clinic, Rochestor,USA: With great reputation over the years, Mayo Clinic has one of the brightest research facility in the world and medical understanding of any disease. With the main focus on cancer research, the hospital strives to come with modern and innovative methods of treatment and integration of various diseases as well as the support of medical specialists to come with suitable methods of treating the patient.
  • The International Neuroscience Institute, in Hanovar, Germany: One of the finest institutes in Europe, the facility ranges for specific type of disorders concerning especially the brain and neurotic system. All major research facility concerning the area of neurotic diseases and brain is provided by the institute. It is touted to be the best institute for brain cancer treatment.
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These are the top five cancer institutes in the world. However, patients must also look for various research based facilities which are conducted in the institutes because the more advanced the research group is, the better are the chances of good treatment. Also, the fee structure and the background of the doctors must be examined carefully before enrolling to a specific hospital. However, these top 5 cancer institutes need no introduction. After gaining years of experience, it has emerged to be the hospitals to reckon with.