4 Natural Tips For Managing Bad Cholesterol

4 Natural Tips For Managing Bad Cholesterol
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Cholesterol, the waxy material produced by liver that protects our nerves, makes hormones and produces blood cells. Therefore, it’s imperative for human body. However, too much of it can reversely harm the body in m

any ways. Too much cholesterol may lead to severe heath problems like heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases. If you’ve got the problem of high cholesterol, your doctor might’ve advised exercise, good eating habits and medication etc. But there’re several other things too that you can do to keep high cholesterol away. And those things don’t even involve any risk at.

Some of them are given below:
1. Know the numbers:Before you begin taking precautions it’ll be much better if you come to know the numbers. By getting your cholesterol checked you’ll be able to determine the place where you stand, which will ultimately help in determining the steps that you need to take to keep your cholesterol levels normal.

Doctors suggest that every individual who’s older than 20 should get his/her cholesterol checked at least once in every five years. This frequency may also be increased if your reports show the sign of increased risk. It’s important to keep a tab on your readings for better prevention. Ideally cholesterol levels below 200 mg/dl (200 miligram per decileter) are considered normal with HDL (High Density Lipoprotein, also known as good cholesterol) above 40 and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein, known as bad cholesterol) below 130.
2. Get leaner: If you’ve any extra pounds, shed them off. Unnecessary weight increases the risk of high cholesterol levels by disrupting the metabolism of body. If you’re overweight, even less fat consumption won’t help enough in keeping your cholesterol levels down. So shed off those extra pounds and get leaner!
3. Walk daily:Whether you want to lose weight, cholesterol or both, walking regularly can help in it.In fact, studies say that walking daily for any duration helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases by decreasing bad cholesterol levels. You don’t need to walk a lot – walks of any distance or duration can do the job. Just keep them regular.
4. Get familiar with good fats:Avocado oil, peanut butter, olive oil and canola oil etc. are considered good fats. These are monosaturated fats, which decrease LDL while increasing HDL. In short, these are much healthier choices in comparison to saturated fats.

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