4 Lifestyle Tips for Preventing Diabetes

4 Lifestyle Tips for Preventing Diabetes

According to WHO, 246 million people in the world are suffering from Diabetes.  And in that too India is the diabetes capital of world with more than 40 million cases. Prevention matters a lot when it comes to diabetes. If you’re at increased risk of being diabetic in future, for example, you have a family history with this disease or are being overweight from quite some time then it’s a must to start taking steps towards prevention from today. The tips given below will help you a lot in preventing diabetes:

Tip #1: Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can help you in many ways when your goal is diabetes prevention. For example, it can help you in losing weight, decreasing blood sugar levels and also in boosting your body’s sensitivity to insulin, all of which help in maintaining a normal level of blood sugar. Researches show that aerobic exercises and resistance training both can help in preventing diabetes, but you’ll have a better time with a fitness program that includes both.

Tip #2: Increase fiber intake

Rough and tough fiber can also help a lot in preventing diabetes. It can help in improving control over blood sugar levels and decreasing the risk of heart diseases. Better yet, it can align perfectly with your weight loss activities, thus helping you in shedding off those extra pounds faster. Foods rich in fiber include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains.

Tip #3: Include whole grains in your diet

The reason behind this thing isn’t clear, but whole grains help in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. One possible reason may be the existence of fiber in whole grains that I outlined in previous tip. Whatever is the reason, replace at least 50% of grains in your diet from whole grains. Many whole grains related products come in a ready-to-eat format (i.e. oats, breads and pasta products), so you can easily include them in your diet.

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Tip 4: Skip fad diets and make healthy choices

Low-carb diets or other fad diets may help you in losing weight at first, but their effectiveness for reducing diabetes is unknown. In addition to that, excluding a particular food group completely is also not going to do any good for your health. So include healthy choices in your diet plan and don’t skip any particular food category completely. Always remember that variety, not exclusion, is the key to fitness!