3 Great Home Remedies to Get Rid of Burning Feet

3 Great Home Remedies to Get Rid of Burning Feet

Burning feet, also known as Paresthesia in medical science, is a health condition in which person suffering from it feels a burning sensation in his/her feet. That hot and painful sensation of pins and needles may range anywhere from mild to severe to acute to chronic depending on the condition of person suffering from it. The causes of problem may vary significantly, but most common ones include weak nerves, diabetes, nerve disorders or a job that requires standing for long time. Older people tend to be more vulnerable to this problem. However, it doesn’t mean that younger ones are completely safe from it. Fortunately, there’re some great home remedies that can help you in significantly reducing the problem and in this article we’re going to talk about them:


Proper blood circulation throughout the body is crucial for avoiding nerve disorders, which become primary cause of burning feet. Exercising regularly can help significantly in improving that blood flow. Simple exercises like walking, jogging and running etc. can help a lot in maintaining regular blood flow throughout the body.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Sweating feet trapped inside shoes also become prone to the problem of burning feet. Importance of keeping your feet dry can’t be overlooked. Always wear cotton socks capable of absorbing sweat from your feet and buy shoes that provide enough space for air circulation and movement to your feet. By doing these two simple things you’ll significantly reduce the risk of burning feet.


Another great thing that you can do for reducing the sensation of burning feet is massaging the feet.Any great ayurvedic oil will be good enough for massaging when you get the sensation of burning feet. Or if you don’t have any ayurvedic oil, you can easily make one by mixing a little bit of ginger extract and warm olive oil together. Massage with upward strokes to ease the circulation of blood, which will in turn ease the pain and burning sensation in your feet.

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