3 Foods That Help In Controlling Appetite

3 Foods That Help In Controlling Appetite

There’re a lot of people in the world who give up on their weight loss schedule because of hunger. However, it doesn’t need to be like that – the only thing such people need is addition of a few foods to their diet plan. Foods given below help a lot in curbing the appetite by relaxing hunger hormones.

Include them in your diet and you’ll be able to win the fight against obesity without feeling hungry:
1. Raspberries: Unlike other berries that offer a whole lot of calories, Raspberries put a full-stop to hunger. A cup of red, frozen raspberries increases only 80 calories in your body but helps in feeling fuller for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any health benefit. They’re the richest source of fiber that you can eat. A cup of raspberries that contains 80 calories of energy also contains 9 grams of fiber. In fact, it’s the job of fiber found in raspberries to provide a “fuller” feeling for long time.

2. Nuts (especially Pistachios): It may be surprising to find nuts in our list because of many popular myths that exist about them in health industry. However, despite the myths it’s worth pointing out that Pistachios and other nuts help in squashing hunger. Given below are two reasons to support this theory:
• First, nuts provide a fuller-feeling for long time
• And second, researches suggest that our body doesn’t absorb all calories supplied by them
Moreover, it was found in a study that people who consume in-shell pistachios consumed 41% less calories.

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3. Eggs: Another powerful ingredient that you can add to your diet to combat hunger without spilling water on your weight loss activities are eggs. According to a study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who consumed eggs in breakfast consumed 438 calories less throughout the day in comparison to people who consumed other equal-calorie breakfasts. Various other studies have also concluded that eggs in breakfast help in controlling appetite for a full day.