3 Easy Tips To Reduce Anxiety

3 Easy Tips To Reduce Anxiety
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After stress, anxiety is arguably the second most common thing that affects brain of most people around the globe. If seen technically, it’s a scary apprehension of any future event based on predictions that may not even have any base in reality. But in real life it’s the root cause of many other diseases and its symptoms may include a variety of other health issues like headache, lack of concentration, increased heart beat, high blood pressure, sleeping problems and even a cranky social behavior.

Fortunately, the good part of story is that keeping anxiety on doorstep isn’t as tough as many of us think. All it needs are a handful of lifestyle changes, some of which are given below:

1. Get enough good quality sleep:Poor quality, inconsistent or not enough sleep may lead to several problems. It not only affects our physical health but also affects our mental health and leaves us with stress and anxiety. And if situation worsens, sometimes this whole thing converts into a vicious cycle because anxiety and inconsistent sleep both are linked together in such a manner that they promote each other. Lack of sleep promotes anxiety and that anxiety then promotes lack of sleep as well. When feeling anxious, try scheduling a full 7 – 9 hours of sleep and see what it does to your anxiety in a few days.

2. Smile: When workload pulls you down, keep it aside, leave your chair and go watch some stupid comedy show. Study after study has shown that laughter helps in reducing anxiety and depression. So either watch any comedy show or watch some hilarious clips on YouTube to relax your jittery nerves.

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3. De-clutter the work-space: Physical clutter very often leads to mental clutter. A cluttered workplace may often give the feeling that your work is never going to come to an end. So whenever you start feeling anxious, take a break of 15 minutes and de-clutter your workplace. Once done, maintain a habit of keeping it clutter-free and properly organized so you don’t get that anxious feeling again.