3 Best Practices To Take Care of Contact Lenses

3 Best Practices To Take Care of Contact Lenses
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According to Johnson & Johnson, more than 125 million people around the globe wear contact lenses to correct common vision problems. While millions of people use them easily and safely, they may lead to eye infection if proper care isn’t applied while using them. And when it comes to taking care of contact lenses, you can find a whole array of products available in market. However, before you face that baffling wall of lens care products it’s imperative to learn some good practices related to that topic.

Given below are 3 best practices that make the foundation of proper lens care:

1. Replace them whenever your doctor says to: It doesn’t matter whether you wear them everyday or not. If doctor says to replace the lens, do so. For example, if you use disposable lenses made for single usage only, throw them after using once no matter how fresh they look or feel. Wearing contact lenses for more than they should be increases risk of eye infections. Similarly, you shouldn’t sleep with your lenses in eyes if they weren’t made for overnight wear.

2. Wash your hands before touching them: Don’t use oily or scented soaps for washing hands if you’re going to touch your contact lenses. And before you touch, dry your hands properly because contact lenses cling to wet hands. If you want to use a moisturizer or any other skin care product, do that only after putting your lenses in because residue from skin care lotions may stick to them.

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3. Cleaning and storing: Now coming to the lens care products.There’re a wide range of options available in market that you can purchase to clean your lenses. A multipurpose product allows you to do all sort of caring (i.e. cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting etc.)in one go. Some systems also come with different products for each purpose. And keep in mind that although no-rub solutions claim to clean the lens with rinsing only, still research says that rubbing cleans the lens better. Store them in a basket and place that basket into a cup of hydrogen peroxide solution. As a last piece of advice, don’t ever use that hydrogen peroxide solution to rinse your lenses.