3 Best Home Remedies to Cure Boils

3 Best Home Remedies to Cure Boils

Sometimes even the smallest and most common health issues become extremely harmful and painful for us. A boil is one such health issue, which regardless of its tiny size can make you feel significant amount of pain, tenderness, and swelling and sometime even fever. Also known as furuncles, these tiny painful red lumps form when infection takes place in our hair follicles. It begins in the form of a small red nodule but soon white blood cells, protein and bacteria combine together on the place of infection to form pus. Boils usually tend to be painful and sensitive to touch. And, they tend to be highly contagious too.
However, the good part of this story is that you can control boils with help of a few simple home remedies. Some of those remedies are given below:
1. Neem (or Indian Lilac): The properties of Neem are already well-known across India – it’s antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial so it can be extremely helpful to cure boils. You can use Neem in any of the following ways to cure boils:
• Grind a few leaves of Neem and make the paste. Once it’s ready, apply it to the boil.
• Or you can also boil a few leaves of Neem in water until water reduces to one third of its quantity. After that you can wash your boils with that water.
2. Black Seeds or Kalonji: Another popular cure for boils are Black seeds, better known as Kalonji in India. You can use Kalonji in several ways to cure boils:
• One method is similar to the first method of using Neem. You can grind some black seeds to make paste and apply that paste to boils.
• Another method involves applying black seed oil to boils.
• Or lastly, you can mix half-teaspoon of black seeds to any hot or cold drink. Drinking the mixture twice a day for several days will help significantly in curing boils and also in preventing boils from forming again.
3. Tea Tree Oil: Just like Neem, Tea Tree Oil also combines antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties together so it can also help a lot in curing boils. Apply the oil directly to boils through a cotton ball regularly for several days and you’ll be good!

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