3 Awesome Home Remedies to Control Vomiting

3 Awesome Home Remedies to Control Vomiting

Okay, so how many times have you been sick of your stomach? Chances are many times, and although vomiting isn’t a serious health problem, still it feels like hell when we suffer from it. Vomiting is basically a general way in which our body reacts to temporary problems. Causes of vomiting vary significantly from common problems like over eating, pregnancy, food poisoning, excessive alcoholism to somewhat serious problems like viral infections and stomach disorders.

Warning signs of vomiting may include excessive saliva in mouth, increased heartbeat, dizziness and fluctuating body temperature. However, the good part of story is that you can control this problem to an extent with help of some easy home remedies. These remedies may not completely bypass the problem because as I said above it’s a way in which our body reacts to problems, but will definitely reduce the frequency of vomiting.

Have a look:
1. Ginger: Ginger is a great anti-emetic root that blocks the excessive secretion in your stomach, which often becomes the primary cause of vomiting. When suffering from vomiting, you can try the following ginger-based solutions:
• Drink a little bit of ginger tea. You can add sugar for taste.
• Eat some fresh gingerbread.
• Eat a few slices of ginger with salt.
• Mix one teaspoon of ginger juice along with lemon juice and consume it multiple times a day.
• Or if you don’t like any of the consumption methods mentioned above, consume a few slices of ginger with or without honey depending on your preferences.
2. Rice Water: Second thing that helps in alleviating Vomiting is rice water. Especially when problem is caused by gastritis. One thing to keep in mind though is that you need to use white rice for preparing rice water instead of brown rice because white rice digests easily due to enough amount of starch. To prepare rice water you can follow the steps given below:
• Take one cup of rice and boil it in one and a half cup of water.
• Strain the solution for a while.
• Drink this solution and control vomiting.
3. Mint: This is another great natural remedy to control vomiting. You can consume it in form of mint tea and the steps of preparing mint tea are given below:
• Take one teaspoon of dried mint leaves and leave them in a cup of boiling water.
• Steep the solution for half an hour.
• Strain it, and your mint tea is ready.
Alternatively, you can also chew a few mint leaves to control vomiting. If you don’t like mint tea you can also create a soothing solution by mixing equal quantities of mint juice and lemon juice. Just take the solution on regular intervals and you’ll be good!

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