10 Unhealthy Foods You Should Never Eat

10 unhealthy foods to avoid-Daily health tips

You want to look graceful, you want to look slim and if you want to have that lovely radiant glow on your face, like the model you saw on TV. Well if you want to achieve that level of looking beautiful,   you need to improve your health, lose weight and maintain a proper diet abstaining from these 10 foods that just won’t do you any good.

  1. Canned Tomatoes: Canned tomatoes in sharp contrast to fresh tomatoes contain BPA or Bispheneol–A, that dangerous chemical found in the lining of canned products. BPA is toxic to the point of causing hormonal imbalances, reproductive organ damage, breast cancer and coronary disease.
  2. White bread: White bread made from flour is acidic and regular consumption increases mucus in the body. Although mucus defends the tissues against acid, it increases   congestion in the respiratory system and causes digestive problems.White bread also increases fat.
  3. Fried junk food: You love those French fries, burgers, chips and kebabs, but do you know the damage being done to your body with excess fatty foods? High levels of LDL or bad cholesterol for one is a killer disease. It clogs your arteries causing cardiovascular problems.  Diabetes, weight gain, gastritis and fatty liver are just some of the problems resulting from fried food.
  4. Margarine: Margarine as deceptive as it seems is bad for health. Containing an excess of Trans fats harboring free radicals which are the prime agents of cell degeneration.
  5. Diet soda and artificial sweetening agents: Diet soda contains artificial sugars like sucralose which when ingested puts you at risk of neurological problems, depression, and inflamed bowels. This does not rule out the possibility of chemical toxins entering your system.
  6. Multi-colored sweets containing food dye: Food containing colored dyes is required to abide by FDA standards with industrial dyes totally ruled out for usage. But whose going to check what goes into those sweets. Even permitted products are full of contaminating agents likely to cause cancer and hyperactivity.
  7. Table Salt: Table salt as compared to natural salt contains harmful chemicals like ferrocyanide. Himalayan and sea salts are available, so why go in for something which increases blood pressure and play havoc with your thyroid.
  8. Refined sugar: The biggest culprit causing you that abdominal fat is sugar. Without realizing it, you are consuming a huge amount of sugar everyday in beverages, deserts and various types of food. Sugar calcifies urine and cheats your body of healthy nutrients to aid in its ingestion into your system.
  9. Creamy salad dressings: Not always are salads healthy, especially when dressed in excess cream dressing.  What makes your salad tasty is also pumping your body with calories which you definitely do not need.  Healthier alternatives would be herb flavored salad oils.
  10. Doughnuts: If you thought that small little doughnut was harmless, think again. Not only are they made from flour, which is bad in itself,they come loaded with sugar and toppings causing dental problems and weight gain. Moreover doughnuts are processed in bulk so you don’t really know which kind of fly has been sitting on your doughnut.
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