10 people who are most inspiring for health conscious people

10 most inspiring people-daily health tips

Health is wealth; truly said but seldom recognized as such by most of us. Majority of us, especially those who are healthy take our personal health profiles for granted. We realize the loss during health aberrations in the form of ailments. However, there is another lot also whom we call as health conscious and for them the health track is intrinsic to their life and they follow well defined orientations and ideals in their life.

Here is a list of ten most inspiring people who shine as icons for the health conscious people –

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – the fitness and health icon: Hailed as one of the most cherished Hollywood star and preferably the Terminator, he is a cherished health ideal for the male youth community and his portrait in the gyms and fitness centers is considered most inspiring.
  2.  Bear Grylls: A survival expert who has gained pan globe fame from home to home through the famous Discovery Channel series – ‘Man versus Wild’ is seen by many as one of the sturdy icons of human health. We all want to adore that same resilience!
  3.  Michelle Obama – the US First Lady: She has gathered much fame for self in the dedicated field of children’s health; especially teaching them about what is healthy eating and remaining active. Her advocacy for the greater intake of fruits and vegetables has been accepted and her campaign to ‘drink more water’ is received well.
  4.  Mark Bittman: Seen as one of the prominent food and health writers of the world, he has been inspiring for a lot of people through his health oriented food cooking techniques.
  5.  Yoga legend Baba Ramdev: Seen as one of the cherished yoga icons in the whole world, his simple healthy living tips are great inspiration for all!
  6.  Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Being medical correspondent with CNN, he was asked by Obama take up as Surgeon General because of his fluent know how of human health!
  7.  Dr. Mehmet Oz: One of influential health writer of age, he has been highly popular for taking up health related topics like healthcare policy, complimentary medicine and cardiac issues.
  8.  Usain Bolt: Crowned as ‘Lightning Bolt’ by the world, this sporting icon is a delight to watch on the turfs. His pace is symbolic of great health!
  9.  Shaun Thompson: He has become a household name because of his renowned home workout DVD program titled – ‘Insanity’.
  10.  Michael Pollan: Having influenced through his advocacy of healthy fooding styles in personal life, he has become an icon.
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