10 Foods for Winters to Fall For

Health food for winters

Most of the foods which we enjoy during summer months are available all through the year but when it comes to winter season, you can find some bolder veggies and fruits that hit the peak in snow season. Here is the list of those foods that facilitate your taste buds during chilly winter.

Eggs:  There are certain foods which are rich in Vitamin D. Sun is the best source of this category of vitamin. During darker winter months, Vitamin D enriched eggs increase immunity power and plays an integral role in reducing the symptoms associated with depression.

Brazil Nuts: Brazil nuts are regarded as the perfect source of strengthening your immunity power. It is also rich in B vitamins and foliates that support and enhances the wellness of neurological health and synthesis of white blood cell production. Thereby combatting against infection and illness.

Fish: Fishes rich in omega 3 fatty acids can be consumed by individuals during winter season because they encourage proper metabolic function. You can consider eating sardines, anchovies and wild salmon which are rich is omega 3 fatty acids.

Nuts & Seeds: If you want to boost your immune system,  reduce winter inflammation and blast depression, you can consume mixture of seeds and nuts including flax seeds, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

Asparagus: This food is rich in folic acid and a perfect item to fight depression. This specific food is also rich in tryptophan that helps in increasing the level of serotonin and improving your mood totally.

Leafy Greens: Leafy greens including broccoli, parsley, spinach and kale are rich in Vitamin C. They play an integral role in strengthening your ability to fight against seasonal flu.

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Citrus Fruits: Oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits which are rich in citric acid cab be consumed a lot during winter season. These fruits are rich in antioxidants and immunity boosting prowess and thereby lowering your anxiety and stress levels whilst enhancing your mood and energy.

Milk: It is extremely difficult to find a good source of B12 other than milk. The fortified food sources especially dairy products are extremely important in converting carbs into glucose. It is important for every individual to acquire B12 to combat lethargy and fatigue during winter. You must find a supplement which is rich in B 12 such as almond and soy.

Turkey: Foods which are rich in amino acid tryptophan have the ability to boost the serotonin level in your body. The good news is that the availability of turkey is not confined to winter season but you can enjoy its benefits all round the year.

Avocados: As the sun witnesses a low temperature, the avocado which is rich in mood enhancing selenium, acts as a natural anti depressant and lifs you out of winter blahs, improve your positivity and energy.