10 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

10 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Not all have sufficient time to do workout for hours in a daily routine or can afford to get a gym membership. For those who find themselves under such circumstances no longer have to  worry as there are some effectual and ultimate exercise moves that can be done anywhere regardless of where they are.

Pushups: Push up workouts can be done at any floor space. You can just drop to the floor at your office or home or if you are not bothered by the audience, you can even drop on the subways.

Running: Running may not sound as though a sort of exercise that can be done anywhere, but you can actually do it at the place you are. Jugging at same place can render you the similar workout experience that you would get from actual running down the street. Just try to pick up your knees to get a tougher workout.

Crunches: crunches work well for abs and can also be carried out at any place, even in a smaller space. Make sure that you have sufficient space to extend the legs as much as you can and keep your head back without getting a hit against the wall or an object.

Lunges: Lunges tend to tone your back and legs and can be performed anywhere provided there is an additional space for feet. You can try doing both reverse as well as traditional lunges to obtain a complete workout.

Calf raise: When you have a staircase or a couple steps nearby, you can perform calf raises. By putting tips of the toes on stairs and utilizing them to raise the heels from ground, you can get this exercise done. Repeat number of times as you wish. When you do not have steps, you can try with couple of books or any other study object.

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Squats: squats are helpful in strengthening and building the leg and back muscles.

Stretches: Though you may not consider stretches as an exercise move, it can actually let your body burn calories and get moving. Take some minutes to stretch before start doing exercise.

Superman: It is a great exercise which can be done in office during lunch. You can rest on your arms and legs straight out before you. Just lift them as long as you could and drop steadily. Repeat numerous times. This exercise tends to work for your legs, arms and core all at once.

Wall sit: when you have wall around, you can perform wall sits. You can stand with back against the wall and bend the knees out to rest down. Then raise your back up and lean it against the wall. Repeat this as much times as you could.

Boat pose: The boat pose is a popular yoga move which tackles your lower belly fat. Sit with bent knees, hands flat and feet together. Lean back your upper body slowly, making sure that your core is straight and tight.