10 allergy triggers you never knew about

10 allergy triggers you never knew about

There is a host of household items in general, for everyday use and convenience which can cause allergy trigger. These are the secret allergy trigger which many of us are ignorant about. They are used by the members of the family, unknowingly, inviting lots of allergies to home. What are these secret allergy triggers? Let’s find out…

  • Lemon and Limes: A zesty compound of lime and other citrus fruits can leave many people irritated as the exposure to skin whether one touches, drinks or eat anything containing limonene.
  • Pillows and Mattresses: They are the secret chambers of dust inducing properties. Best is to indulge in regular cleaning. There is dust in the favourite toys of your kids. Clean them regularly and lead a harmonious life.
  • Candles: People will nasal allergies are sensitive to oils or candles and it results in getting a runny nose or watery eyes. Avoid candles, if you are sensitive to nasal allergy. Candles have features and ingredients which can trigger allergy.
  • Soaps and Detergents: The majority of skin related allergy is caused by a cleaning agent, which are the soaps and detergents. Nearly, every soap has some property of it’s having rosy or fruity effect, which can cause allergy. Therefore, if you think you have frequent itching, talk to a skin expert and use a suitable soap.
  • Carpets: You may enjoy the feel of having a carpet at home, but mites may find it addictive. Even if you use a vacuum, you still have mites hidden inside the carpet. Dust mite usually get attracted to a lot of humidity, therefore, try to keep your room windows open and let the fresh air come at your disposal to erase mites away.
  • Spices: They certainly add the taste to your life but also trigger a lot of allergy. Eating spices can cause sniffing. It can also cause itching, swelling and burns the lips.  If spices bother you, best is to opt for simple food.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol can cause rashes. However, allergy to alcohol is rare. If you still think, alcohol is causing you the allergy, best is to opt for liquor free alcohol.
  • House plants: House plants can make you sneeze. If you are venturing in your garden and experience sudden outburst of sneezing, chances are it is triggered due to the plants. Secret trigger yet a vital one.
  • Swimming pool water: Check out where you’re swimming. The pool water is normally unclean and lots of chemicals are added to it. Therefore, watch where you swim to save yourself from allergy.
  • Smokers around: Cigarettes has numerous toxic chemicals which induces nasty irritating habits. Don’t hang around smoky bars or distance yourself from people who are smoking. After all, there is always a door open to excuse yourself.
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