Facial Exercises And Yoga That Will Reduce Fat And Wrinkles

We spend endless hours scanning for approaches to get a provocative look, executioner waistline, arms and legs deserving of making models envious. All things...

7 Interesting uses and benefits of Basil Seeds

Basil seeds aren't only to develop basil plants, you can moreover eat them. They seem to be like sesame seeds yet are dark. The sort...

High cholesterol level: Side effects, Treatment, and Prevention

Are you worried about your cholesterol level? We take a gander at the causes and medicines for this developing concern. What is cholesterol? A substance consisting...


Tricks To Loose Your Weight In a Smart Manner

  #1. Fool your brain That is correct, you have to trap your mind to Loose Your Weight. According to the examinations directed at Smell and...

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Healthy food ideas for Diabetics

Healthy food ideas for Diabetics

Nowadays, many people are suffering from diabetes and this reduces the metabolic activity in the body. Diabetes mellitus (DM) simply called, as the diabetes...


How To Select A Shampoo For Your Hair Type

How To Select A Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Choosing the best shampoo is very essential to maintain and get beautiful and healthy hair. It is crucial to make use of one which...
6 Home Remedies to Control Excessive Sweating

6 Home Remedies to Control Excessive Sweating

The human body is a well-developed machine in itself. As machines release the waste out of them in form of smoke or oil, our...
Food Poisoning Cause ,Symptoms & Prevention

Food poisoning: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Food poisoning is the consequences of eating polluted, damaged, or toxic food. The most usual symptoms of food poisoning include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea....
health & smartphones

Using your SMART phones in a healthy way

Your phone may be your best friend but it could soon turn out to be the dangerous enemy. In a world where exposure to...

Zareen Khan And Her Weight Loss Regime

Came across these pics of mine from school and college days. (While one was in std 9th and pink one was right after my...


10 innovations in healthcare which you should know

Healthcare innovations you must know
You will be surprised to know that there have been such amazing innovations made in the field of healthcare, which certainly can help you...
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