Weight Loss Tips Backed By Ayurveda and Science

Weight Loss Tips Backed By Ayurveda and Science

Getting more fit is a battle for some, particularly when the web is loaded with every one of the traps and tips which abandon...
chapped lips

How to Avoid Chapping Lips in Winter

Getting dry, chapped lips during winter is very common and can be frustrating. But a little bit of extra care and attention can help...

What Plants Should you Have in Your Garden?

Here is a brief synopsis for making a herb garden, having all the aromatic herbs used in every cuisine along with medicinal benefits and...


health tips for heart

Heart health tips to keep you loving always

A healthy lifestyle results in better functioning of the heart.  The heart constitutes to be one of the major organs in the body. Lack...



#Mythbreaker You only fall in love once

#Mythbreaker: You only fall in love once

Love is the most basic requirement of any human being. It is in the nature of a man to be liked, admired and appreciated...


Controversy: Global food retailers selling JUNK food with Real JUNK!!

If you are thinking of ordering the junk food to relish your taste buds, you must think twice before doing so. Here’s more on...
Best quotes in the movie - Pursuit of happyness

Best quotes in the movie – Pursuit of happyness

There are rare films which continue to be our source of inspiration in both good and bad times. Pursuit of Happyness is one such...
10 allergy triggers you never knew about

10 allergy triggers you never knew about

There is a host of household items in general, for everyday use and convenience which can cause allergy trigger. These are the secret allergy...
diagnose hormonal imbalance-daily health tips

How to diagnose hormonal imbalance and what can you do about it

Hormonal changes affect our body ever since our birth to death, yet we are ignorant about the recurring changes in our body.  For the...
Love what you do

Love what you do and Do what you Love

It is natural for a person to aim for a job according to qualifications and when he/she succeeds in his/her attempt, he/she will love...


Role of family in your Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of happiness-daily health tips
Behind the successful growth of an individual lies the support of a family. A family can be a group of individuals  who are either...




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