Weight Loss methods that you should never try

weight loss methods you should never try
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Almost everyone is trying to shed few extra kilos by adopting any method they can think of. Some would prefer to diet, some would not eat at all and others would go for rigorous body training methods, just to look in shape. It is a good effort to stay in shape, but if it is done at the cost of adopting the bizarre weight loss tips, then you must not do it because ultimately you are causing a serious damage to the body parts and organs. This can make your bones and muscles weak due to lack of nutrient consumption that results in making your system weak. Here are some of the commonly tried weight loss tips that you should never try:

  • Smoking: Since smoking essentially kills hunger, it attracts many weight loss seekers to smoke till they reduce    But smoking eventually creates many health related problem, one of which is the loss in the immunity of the body to fight against the disease. Smoking results in making your system weaker and it creates many other diseases which may make you thinner, but additionally increase the risk of developing serious diseases.
  • Starvation: Yes!  You do lose weight by starving, but you also lose lots of essential nutrients with it. Your body is dehydrated as a result of which you cannot work effectively.  More so, your body is weak and prone to diseases. You can fit in shape, but you do not have the strength to perform the basic task of the body.
  • Disordered eating habits: There are many “dieting tips” which delude the people into living a poor lifestyle. One has to recognize the fake from the real ones. The legitimate weight losing tips from the illegitimate ones which can have serious consequences on the body. Disordered eating habits is one such practice where people end up eating unhealthy food products and drinks in order to beat the fat. One must recognize that the body can be in shape only when it is given the appropriate nutrients followed by a routine lifestyle which helps in burning the fats through effective mechanism.
  • Medicines: Medicines cannot make you thin. It is a drug which induces serious consequences on the body. Therefore, refrain from false advertisement claims which promote the idea of having medicine to lose weight.
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Ultimately, it is the correct means of healthy lifestyle and more physical training exercises which can help reduce the body weight. Nothing amounts to the power of healing which yoga can give, followed by a holistic eating habit.