Top Cancer Hospitals in Coimbatore



These days Cancer is one of the deadliest health conditions and cause of losing so many people every year around the globe. The overall perception towards it is that it is inoperable, but the advances in medicine and technology have made it probably today to compete against this disease. If noticed in the early stages, it is likely to fight cancer successfully and eliminate it too. Things to look into while searching for a good hospital feature, the equipment’s, the superiority of staff and the obtainability of the Radiotherapy. Collected below is the list of top hospitals for Cancer Treatment in Coimbatore that focuses on the treatment of Cancer.


1.  G Kapuskasing Naidu Memorial Hospital

G Kapuskasing Naidu Memorial Hospital
Source: Indiamart

G Kapuskasing Naidu Memorial hospital in Coimbatore is amid the oldest healthcare organization in India started way back in 1952. The hospital offers multi-specialty treatments to patients and has added a status of being a foremost healthcare institution in India. Reputed doctors and high-class infrastructure services fascinate patients from all across the nation and also overseas to this hospital.

Relevant Features

  • More than 67000 angiograms, 100,000 angioplasties, 25,000 heart-related surgeries and 120,000 babies successfully delivered
  • Primary hospital to be certified by NABH in Tamil Nadu
  • More than 580 beds for treating patients
  • Complete services for diagnostics, ambulance, and emergency care
  • Eco-Friendly practices adopted
  • Online reports available

An esteemed panel of Doctors

  • Dr. Rajani Sundar, Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. S. Natarajan, Cardiologist
  • Dr. S. Muralidharan, Surgeon (Cardiothoracic)
  • Dr. Arun Kumar, Surgeon (Faciomaxillary)
  • Dr. B. Shankar, Dermatologist
  • Dr. R. Srinivasan, Endocrinologist
  • Dr. T. Balaji, Surgeon (ENT)
  • Dr. S. Dharmalingam, Consultant (Gastroenterology)
  • Dr. K.P. Arunkumar, General Surgeon
  • Dr. P. Ramachandran, Nephrologist
  • Dr. M.R Bala Senthilkumaran, Surgeon (Neuro)
  • Dr. K.K. Prachet, Neurologist
  • Dr. V. Nagarajan, Oncologist
  • Dr. S. Amudha Giridhar, Gynecologist
  • Dr. B. Ravichandran, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Ramalingam, Urologist
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P.B. No. 6327, Nethaji Road,
Coimbatore – 641 037

Ph: (0422) 224 5000
Fax: (0422) 2243509


2. Kovai Medical Center & Hospital

Kovai Medical Center & Hospital
Source: Infobizz India

Kovai Medical Center & Hospital is a multi-specialty progressive care hospital situated in the serene location on 20-acre land. All-inclusive treatments, hi-tech equipment’s, expert doctors and world-class organization while providing reasonable health care are aspects that have led to this hospital being known amongst the leaders.

Relevant Features

  • Founded kidney transplant via steroid free methods
  • 20 well-prepared operation theatres
  • More than 150 specialist doctors and more than 250 supportive professionals
  • NABH qualified hospital
  • ISO 27001:2005 certification
  • Round the clock emergency care and ambulance facility

An esteemed panel of Doctors

  • Dr. Selvarajan N, Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. Sivakumar M.K, Anesthesiologist (Cardiac)
  • Dr. Thomas Alexander, Cardiologist
  • Dr. Prashant Vaijyanath, Surgeon (Cardio Thoracic)
  • Dr. Arthanari Kumar Prasad, Surgeon (Cosmetic)
  • Dr. Sharavanan GM, Surgeon (Maxillofacial & Dentistry)
  • Dr. Jeevankumar B, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Velayuthan P, Endocrinologist
  • Dr. Sara V. Thomas, Consultant (ENT)
  • Dr. Aravindh S, Gastroenterologist
  • Dr. Sudhakar N, Oncologist (Medical)
  • Dr. Vivek Pathak, Nephrologist
  • Dr. Bhaskar P, Neurologist
  • Dr. Atma Pathak, Gynecologist
  • Dr. Kumaran V, Surgeon (Pediatric)
  • Dr. R. Madhu Sairam, Oncologist (Radiation)
  • Dr. Devdas Madhavan, Urologist


P.B.No. 3209, Avanashi Road,
Coimbatore – 641014, India.

Phone: 91-422-4323800
Fax: 91-422-2627782


3. PSG Hospitals

PSG Hospitals
Source: Justdial

Initiated by PSG & Sons Charities, the PSG hospitals symbolize persistent hard work towards the provision of ultra-modern skill and progressive methods of health care to patients. With the certainty of providing rounded and complete medical treatments at one place, the hospital has made a solid mark in the healthcare domain of India.

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Relevant Features

  • 900 beds for providing quality treatment to patients
  • Multi-disciplinary treatments provided
  • Skilled doctors and surgeons along with nursing staff
  • Reasonable treatments condensed to needy without compromising on quality
  • 24X7 emergency and ambulance services

An esteemed panel of Doctors

  • Dr. Shaik Mushahida, Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. A. Selvarajan, Specialist (Dentistry)
  • Dr. C.R. Srinivasan, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Seetha Panicker, Gynecologist
  • Dr. S. Premkumar, General Surgeon
  • Dr. D. Sundar, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. P.R. Murugesan, Surgeon (Cardio Thoracic)
  • Dr. P.R. Rajkumar, Neuro Surgeon
  • Dr. G. Rajendiran, Cardiologist
  • Dr. M Aruchamy, Surgeon (Plastic)
  • Dr. M. Ramalingam, Urologist
  • Dr. Subash John, Oncologist


Peelamedu, Coimbatore – 641 004,
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Phone: +91 422 2570170 (7 lines), 2598822 (10 lines)
Fax: +91 422 2594400, 2594401
Help Line: 9952149911


4. K.G. Hospital

K.G. Hospital
Source: kghospital

K.G. Hospitals in Coimbatore has the status of being amongst the finest workers or health care in India. The hospital is totally self-reliant and uses modern technology and equipment for treating patients for various medical ailments.

Relevant Features

  • 350 hospital beds for multi-disciplinary medical treatments
  • Above 250 expert doctors and surgeons along with over 800 support and nursing staff
  • Cultured diagnostic service and emergency care
  • The distinction of owning 128 Slice Heart CT scanner that is fastest globally
  • NABH accredited

An esteemed panel of Doctors

  • Dr. Varma S.K, Surgeon (Cardio Thoracic)
  • Dr. Nithiyan P, Cardiologists
  • Dr. Sridevi N, Surgeon (Neuro)
  • Dr. Ramakrishnana T.C.R, Neurologist
  • Dr. Senthil N. Sambandam, Consultant (Orthopedics)
  • Dr. Balakrishnan N.M, Urologist
  • Dr. Koshy P.K, Dermatologist
  • Dr. Arunkumar K, Surgeon (Maxillofacial & Dental)
  • Dr. Kapisoor Singh, Radiologist
  • Dr. Anandanathan A.P, Consultant (ENT)
  • Dr. Padmanabham P, Gastroenterologist
  • Dr. Padmanabhan S, Ophthalmologist
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No. 5, Government Arts College Road,
Coimbatore – 641018, Tamil Nadu, India.

Tel: 0422-2212121-29
Fax: 0422-2211212


5. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital
Source: Rheumatology Centre

Began with the main intent of providing reasonable healthcare to needy, the Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in Coimbatore has attained a credible name in the industry after modest beginnings in the year 1975. With high class in every part of treatment and care coupled with the proficiency of applauded doctors, the hospital ranks amongst the highest hospitals in Coimbatore.

Relevant Features

  • Concessions provided for treatment to needy
  • 700 hospital beds for treatments
  • 24X7 licensed blood bank
  • Treatment provided for all main medical disciplines
  • Fully equipped ambulance service available
  • Computerized laboratory
  • Round the clock pharmacy

An esteemed panel of Doctors

  • Dr. Manoharan S, Cardiologist
  • Dr. Guhan, Oncologist
  • Dr. Suresh Damodharan, Specialist (Endocrinology & Diabetology)
  • Dr. Mohan Kumar, Pulmonologist
  • Dr. Raja Shanmugam, Specialist (ENT)
  • Dr. Geethanjali, Radiologist
  • Dr. Sarveswaran, General Surgeon
  • Dr. Jaleel Ahamed, Consultant (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. S. Ananth, Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Lalitha R, Consultant (Obstetrics)
  • Dr. Arun Tharuman, Consultant (Emergency & Trauma)


No: 395, Sarojini Naidu Road,
Sidhapudur, Coimbatore,
Tamilnadu, INDIA

Phone: +91 422-4500000