Starve a fever; feed a cold

Starve a fever; feed a cold

Do you occasionally do what you are told? Mostly, when people fall ill or get prone to cold, they usually starve a cold and feed the fever. Instead, it should be the other way round:  Starve a fever; feed a cold.

Here are some of the familiar cold-busting tips, with which one is able to flee the cold and fever away.

  • Wash your hands, if you catch cold: Cold normally takes place upon our expose to cold causing viruses. This can happen when touching any object unknowingly, which is the source of virus causing cold.  Therefore, we infect our nose and eyes. Hand washing can help eliminate the virus to a great extent, before they spread in the body and make the person feverish. Wash your hands and stay dirt free.
  • Do not stay hungry: Hunger will lead to weakness in the body and will further aggravate the fever. Eat something – starve a cold, feed a fever.
  • Myth: Cover up or you will catch cold: It is a common myth that we hear from time to time that wearing wollen clothes can catch cold. It is not the case so in reality. Scientists have discovered that low temperature and facilitation to it can cause the cold virus to spread from one person to another. So while, warm clothes can make you comfortable in keeping the body warm, it isn’t a protector against colds.
  • Drink fluids: It is very important to stay hydrated. This will keep your immune system strong, clean the body system and make you energized and focused throughout the day.
  • Take hot shower: Taking hot shower can certainly help in releasing the virus that has attacked your body. It helps lose the clogged nasal passages and also moistens your membranes and mucus.
  • Use Vitamin C: Vitamin C can help prevent the common cold and provide speedy recovery from it. Vitamin C is the famous anti-inflammatory property can help fight with common cold easily.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough: One of the great ways to protect others when you catch cold is to cover the mouth. It is a good habit which comes naturally to those who practice it. Spreading any form of viral disease is unhealthy and people may take it offensively, if you do not protect yourself from passing on the viral to other person.
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In any case, the idea is to be hygienic and be extremely protective about one’s health, which can spread the virus and cause you cold.