3 Best Remedies to Cure Cough And Cold

3 Best Remedies to Cure Cough And Cold
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Just like every year, winter is here once again. With beginning of cold season many people start suffering from cold. And when they do, natural remedies are the very first things that come to mind. Popularity of these remedies isn’t surprising because these remedies don’t require the patient to go to a medical store. Many of these remedies provide proper relief from cold and don’t even require the person to go out of his/her home, which contributes significantly to their popularity.

Given below are 3 great remedies that cut down the cough and cold:

1. Lemon and other sources of Vitamin C: Although all researchers don’t agree completely on the power of vitamin C in curing cough and cold, still many researches have shown that it’s quite effective and can reduce the symptoms within a day. For example, in a study it was found that people who consumed vitamin C before being exposed to stress and cold were 50% less likely to suffer from cold. 2000 milligrams seem to work best to stem cold, however, this much quantity may cause diarrhea or other stomach problems.

2. Chicken Soup: Second great remedy to ease the symptoms of cold is Chicken soup.This happens due to several reasons:
• Inhaling steam of soup may help in easing nasal congestion.
• Sipping it from spoon can help in avoiding dehydration.
• And some advocates even say that the soup helps in soothing inflammation caused by cough in throat. Anti-inflammatory properties of chicken soup have been proven in lab tests. However, it’s still unclear whether they work in the scenario of cold or not.

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3. Hot Tea: Sipping a cup of hot tea provides some of the same benefits that’re found in chicken soup. Steam relieves congestion, fluid soothes throat and relieves dehydration. In addition, if you drink black or green tea you may get some additional benefits like disease-fighting antioxidants, which help in combating cold.