3 Awesome Breathing Exercise To Make You Feel Calm

3 Awesome Breathing Exercise To Make You Feel Calm

Are you feeling tired after working a lot? Or did you have a “bad time” in bed last night because you couldn’t sleep despite your efforts of having a wink? Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling stressed out and tired to the core there’s only one thing that you need immediately, and that is, as you may expect, rest. However, taking rest and relaxing body doesn’t always need to involve a four-hour long spa massage.

All you need are 10 minutes of following breathing exercises because lungs play a significant role in keeping us relaxed. These exercises have been borrowed from breathing techniques of meditation and yoga:

1. Equal Breathing or Sama Vritti: Equal Breathing, also known as Sama Vritti in Sanskrit, is a breathing technique took from the book of yoga. This technique relies on the good that balance can do to our health.To do it, inhale four times and then exhale four times.This creates a natural resistance in our breathing technique, which allows the oxygen to stay longer in our lungs. Additionally, the balance of equal inhaling and exhaling calms the nervous system down, reduces stress and increases focus. Although this techniques works anytime, it works best before bedtime. If you’re having a hard time sleeping, this exercise can help you in falling asleep – much better than a glass of wine, isn’t it?

2. Abdominal Breathing: Place one hand on your chest and another on your belly and inhale long enough to ensure that the diaphragm inflates with air to create a stretch in lungs.And remember, your diaphragm should inflate – not your chest. Taking 6-10 such breathes every minute for a time span of 10 minutes can help in regulating blood pressure and heart beats, especially if they’re high because of stress or tension. The best time to do it is before an exam of any other stress increasing event.

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3. Alternate Nostril Breathing or Nadi Shodhana: It’s believed that this breathing technique brings relaxation and balance to the right and left sides of brain.Start in a meditative pose, hold your right nostril from right thumb and inhale deeply from left nostril. After reaching the peak of inhalation, hold the left nostril from a finger and exhale from right nostril. Repeat the pattern with another nostril and do it for 10 minutes. Whenever you need focus or energy, you can get it from this breathing exercise.